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Meet Emerald Pointe's Longest Standing Nurse!

September 9, 2022
Emerald Pointe’s spotlight is shining big and bright on one of our full-time nurses, Vanessa Rosie! Vanessa was hired in 2007 and is currently the longest-standing nurse and employee of Emerald Pointe! Vanessa truly knows the facility and her residents like the back of her hand. She is a go-to for questions and is a huge help when mentoring new hires.

Vanessa is easily spotted as someone who is most deserving of this recognition for many reasons. She is always prepared and organized and knows how to navigate difficult tasks with ease. Vanessa is someone who is always going above and beyond what is asked. Her willingness to pitch in and offer help and assistance is beyond appreciated by all of us here at Emerald Pointe.

Alongside working the floor, Vanessa works as a backup wound rounding nurse and is a top favorited and highly requested monthly physician rounding nurse. She is a huge help to our Medical Director and all other attending physicians of the facility.

Emerald Pointe sends a big thank you and congratulations for her continued commitment and longevity of compassion and care she provides. Vanessa Rosie, you are appreciated by us all here at Emerald Pointe!

Emerald Pointe is always looking for individuals who want to make a difference in our residents' lives. Visit our Careers page to see what positions we currently have open.


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