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Words cannot express my gratitude for all of the wonderful love & care mom receive over the last four years from your staff. All of you were always so nice and accommodating to me and my family. It takes very special people to do the kind of work you do and I will be forever grateful to each of you. Thank you again.


Thank you for all the special attention, time, and support each of the staff gave to Dorothy. You are truly a wonderful group of individuals.

The McVicker Family

We shall forever be grateful for the loving are you provided that made his last few months a home away from home. We thank you all each and everyone so much for whatever part you played.

Dan & Linda

Thank you for much for the you all provided to my mother. I know many of you went out of your way to take care of her and all of her needs. I really do thank all of you for making her as comfortable as possible.


I can't say enough good words about this place. I have been treated really well and therapy has done a great job to get me strong enough to go home.


When you think of a nursing home you usually think bad thoughts. Well, we are here to tell you differently. Our grandmother was at Emerald Pointe for two years by choice. She loved it. She referred to it as her home. Everyone there treated her as if she was their grandma. The facility was always very clean...Everyone there is very special. Toward the end, when grandma was in the hospital, Emerald Pointe employees came to visit her. Grandma knew the end was near and requested to go home to Emerald Pointe. The girls, as grandma called them, agreed to take care of her....If there is ever a time in your life when you need a special place for your loved one, we all agree that Emerald Pointe is your place. Thanks for taking such good care of our grandma. We are forever grateful to you all.


Every day of therapy was a new challenge but it is great to learn step by step how to walk again. I am building up more balance along with more confidence. Trusting the staff allows me to trust myself and my new leg.


Thanks for being hard on me and never giving up. I would have never completed my therapy if I would have stayed at home. Look at me now…walking like nothing ever happened! I have received so many compliments and am proud to say I owe it to the therapy department and all of the Emerald Pointe employees. I have one more knee to have replaced and you bet you will see me at Emerald Pointe again! I did all of that hard work and finished in a few weeks instead of a few months – that says a lot about the great team at Emerald Pointe.


I’m very glad to have chosen Emerald Pointe as my rehabilitation place after my spine surgery at OSU. The staff were very compassionaly, professional, and helpful. They went out of their way to make my stay as pleasant as could be. I highly recommend Emerald Pointe...


Following a stroke, I stayed at Emerald Pointe to regain mobility so that I could return to living at home with my husband. I achieved this goal in four weeks, as originally estimated by the therapy department at Emerald Pointe. I have had three weeks of follow-up outpatient therapy, also at Emerald Pointe. Now, I can walk easily without a cane. The therapists did well at pushing me to gain strength while taking into account my limited energy. I have especially appreciated the work with speech therapy to address slackness on the left side of my face. My favorite thing about Emerald Pointe was my private room because I could control my own space.


I would and will recommend Emerald Pointe to anyone who needs therapy and care. They have gone above and beyond at Emerald Pointe to provide the care that I have needed from day 1 to my day of departure. The nurses, aides and therapists have all been extraordinary in their professions. My thanks to all who have made me feel at home, while strengthening my physical abilities. They have helped me do the best I can do! I have much respect and appreciation for all of the staff at Emerald Pointe.


I am a summer visitor to the Barnesville area. I suffered a heart attack necessitating heart surgery during my recent visit. I was totally unfamiliar with local facilities, but Emerald Pointe was highly recommended by medically-acquainted friends and residents I knew. Upon my arrival, the exterior appearance was welcoming and attractive and the interior was very homelike. The care I received exceeded the appearance and the staff even further exceeded everything combined. Their smiling faces and willingness to help were equaled by their skill. The therapy staff took me in helpless and a month later I walked myself out the door to return to Florida for the winter. I am delighted to take this opportunity to highly recommend Emerald Pointe.


From the day I arrived, everyone has been kind and efficient. I have gone from not being able to do anything to walking again.


Even before I became a patient, I had heard a lot of positive comments on the therapy department from residents of Western Belmont County. Being a resident of your facility for almost two months has given me the insight to witness the workings of this facility. I feel that the therapy department is second to none and the quality of care for the entire facility is great.


I have been real satisfied with the care I have received from Emerald Pointe. The food is exceptionally good and the therapy department does a great job. I was able to bring my personal belongings so I could feel right at home. The nursing staff was very good to me and provided excellent care everyday.


Ever since I came to Emerald Pointe, I have been treated very well by everyone here. I have had therapy every day and everyone has been very good to me. I have been treated as I am part of the Emerald Pointe family. I would recommend Emerald Pointe to anyone that needs any special care and rehab.


I am very lucky to have been in Emerald Pointe twice. Two years ago I was admitted for rehabilitation and in two months was able to go home. This time when I needed care and rehabilitation, I knew I wanted to come to Emerald Pointe. The rooms are large and private and food is great. The nurses, aides and support staff were knowledgeable and friendly. I enjoyed my stay at Emerald Pointe but I am glad to be home.


I came to Emerald Pointe in bad shape. The great therapy program at Emerald Pointe worked with me and now I have my health back. There are a great bunch of people working at Emerald Pointe and they really care about us. Now I can start to do some yard work and get my life going again.


My stay at Emerald Pointe has been a very moving experience for me. I'm very happy and glad to have had the very kind staff at Emerald Pointe working with me. I want to thank everyone who helped me through my stay at Emerald Pointe.


Emerald Pointe has been a wonderful place to stay during recovery of a fracture of my pelvis. I really appreciate the good food and care and the wonderful rehabilitation department. I would highly recommend Emerald Pointe to anyone.


My second visit here at Emerald Pointe was just as great as my first. I had a total right knee replacement on 5/8/17 and I appreciate all the hard work the Emerald Pointe team has done to get me back on my feet. Very amazed on how fast recovery happened. The therapy team sure knows what they are doing and provided great care. Will be back for a visit to tell everyone thank you in person. Love Ya!


All of therapy has been so nice an did a good job so I could get home so quickly. The therapy here is the best and I really feel honored to write about the care at Emerald Pointe. My cousin was also here and also thought the therapy [team] here did him a lot of good. I appreciate everything the therapy team has done for me during my stay here at Emerald Pointe.


They were good to me. Thank you. Love everyone!


I feel that my experience at Emerald Pointe saved my life. My family arranged this stay for me and I was skeptical at first, but the experience here really did save my life. The nursing and therapy staff were wonderful. I am lucky that Emerald Pointe is so close to my home and I could live close to my family. I would recommend Emerald Pointe to others that need help.


I have really enjoyed my stay at Emerald Pointe. Everybody from nursing, housekeeping, and especially therapy. They all helped me make my stay a great experience. Therapy really helped me walk again, because when I came to Emerald Pointe I couldn't put my right foot down. I will recommend Emerald Pointe to anyone I know.


Excellent! From head to toe! Every therapist was great & very well-informed! GREAT!


I came to Emerald Pointe after having surgery at UPMC. I came for physical therapy so that I could get strengthened enough to go home. The staff was wonderful, very polite and willing to help me. The facility is also very neat and clean! I would recommend Emerald Pointe to anyone that needs rehabilitation. The rehab staff was very caring and understanding in helping me get to where I needed to be in order to go home.


I came to Emerald Pointe after having back surgery. I came for physical therapy so that I could get strengthened to go home. The staff was wonderful, very polite, and willing to help me. The facility is very neat and clean. I would recommend Emerald Pointe to anyone that would need rehabilitation. The rehabilitation staff were very caring and understanding in helping me to get to where I needed to be to go home.

Mr. Carpenter

It was a great time, increased with your help. Thank you. The exercises were stimulating and productive. The crew was very helpful and made the experience enjoyable.


Emerald Pointe Health & Rehab Center employees, by following rather than guiding, have enabled me to be on my own. I still use a walker, but only for insurance that will not fall again. All the employees have been kind and very helpful in rehab and I can recommend them to anyone that needs their help. My 2 week stay at this facility has been a good experience for me and it shows that therapy really works. Thanks be to God that this facility was so close to where I live.

Mr. Atkinson

I really enjoyed my stay here at Emerald Pointe. The people here are friendly and Helpful. I really enjoyed Physical Therapy…the Aides and Nurses were very kind. I would recommend it to anyone.


I enjoyed every hour and it helped so much to walk again and to get exercise and use my arms!

Everyone was determined to help you get back on your feet. So helpful and Kind. I’ll never forget them. Thank you!


To all the Therapists in the therapy program I don’t know all of your names and I won’t try to list them as I might miss some of you. I enjoyed my time in therapy. I appreciate all the help you gave me to get to walk again. I was amazed at how you could keep track of everyone as you went from one resident to another. From the time I entered Emerald Pointe I received the best of care. Thank you again.


When I first arrived at Emerald Pointe I needed 3 people to help me walk and dress myself, now I am able to walk and dress myself because of all the great therapists. The nursing staff provided excellent care. The dietary and housekeeping staff were also great. The facility is beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone that may need service in the future.


Emerald Pointe is a very nice place to be in and to get very good care. All of the nurses are very nice and you with all of your needs. All of the staff at Emerald Pointe are very nice and friendly! The facility is very clean. If I ever have to go to another rehabilitation center again I will ensure it is Emerald Pointe. I have enjoyed being here and thank you to all of wonderful staff that has taken care of me. God bless you all!


When I came here I could do nothing and now I can dress myself, go to the bathroom, and more on my own! The staff is great and they couldn’t have done more for me!


My stay here was very effective, very competent staff, enjoyed therapy because it helped me get back home, therapy staff was very interest on how I improved every day. Facility had nice accommodations for all my needs. I would highly recommend this facility.


All the staff was very kind. Food was very nutritious and tasty. All of the therapy department was very caring and positive. I would recommend them for anyone needing therapy services. Everything has been GREAT!


My husband and I have visited many nursing homes; yours is top notch! We have felt very blessed to have had mom at your facility and under your care. We especially appreciated the use of your large room so our families could get together and celebrate many special occasions with mom. That was a real blessing! Everyone has been so very kind to her and to us. We were very blessed to know that mom was getting the best care possible. Thank you one and all for your kind, loving care. God bless.

The Norris Family

All of you made such an impact on our mom’s life while she lived under your care. My family wanted to say thank you for all your hard work, kind words and support! So many of you would stop in to ensure our mom was doing okay each day and in fact several times a day. Our mom talked highly of each of you. Thank you so much and blessings to each of you!

The Kavanash and Thompson Family 

I was satisfied with my stay at Emerald Pointe. The nurses were timely in dispensing my medicines and answering questions that I had. The STNA's were helpful and friendly. Housekeeping kept my room neat and the bathroom clean. I would not hesitate to recommend Emerald Pointe. I also would come back if circumstances required rehab again.

Mrs. Palmer

This is my third time here, and I would not go anywhere else I like it here, all the people are nice. he nurses and aides were very caring. Even when I did not want to get out of bed, Therapy encouraged me to, They did it for my benefit.


Everyone has been wonderful! It is just like being at home. The food is good, the nurses are all great. Therapy was great, now I can go home a lot stronger than when I came.


Having a private room was great. Nursing care was very good. The food was ample and sometimes delicious. The therapy was top notch and the entire staff was very friendly. The staff was always willing to go out of their way to satisfy you.

R.B. Lewis

Our Experience has been nothing but excellent. I have been familiar with Emerald Pointe through other people I care about. I chose here, EMERALD POINTE, because every person I have come in contact with, from the receptionist Dremmia as you walk in the door, to the kind kitchen staff, everyone is helpful and knowledgeable. All therapy modalities have helped my husband make huge leaps in his progress. Our stay has been nothing but a success- Thank you to every person we've come in contact with.

We must say we thoroughly enjoyed meeting this family and helping Shane get home so much stronger.


Dearest Friends and Family at Emerald Pointe,
Where do I begin? All of you have been such a source of great comfort over the last 5 years. My Mom loved her room and the safety and warmth it provided. I know it wasn't always easy, but we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care you provided her. For the laughter, for listening to her, for getting her snacks, etc. She cared about each of you and prayed for you. Bless you, for the candle lantern you sent in her memory. Thank you to those who were able to attend the services. We will miss you all.

Michelle Speedy

As far as the staff in general goes, I can not say enough about everyone with which I had contact...To try and list everyone I had direct contact with would be impossible... the nursing staff did go above board in helping me keep my regular medication schedule... Physical/Occupational Therapy is a must following many types of surgeries as it was in my situation. The staff made it fun, especially in the early stages when I was having quite a bit of pain...Overall, the facility itself was very clean (none of the odor that trends to be prevalent in long term care facilities), I was treated with respect, and I can not compliment the staff enough. I would recommend Emerald Point.


Everything was fine, therapy was good. I was able to get my strength back. The nursing care was good. I like having my private room and the room was big. Housekeeping kept my room clean. Overall Food was good.


I suggest using Emerald Pointe rehab for anything. [It] was very good for me! Help was very helpful and kind. Very polite!


I have had different stays in different hospitals but none can compare to my stay here. From the kitchen help to everyone in between, they all work together. They make you feel so comfortable. They work just like a big family. I will tell everyone how I enjoyed my rehab here.


To the Entire Emerald Pointe Staff,
Thank you so much for what you are doing not only for my sweet mom, but for every resident that is there! I can't even begin to imagine how lonely they all are-thank you so much to Jessica Burghy for picking up mom's phone and making sure she could hear me when I called today! What a blessing to finally hear her voice! We are praying for each and every one of you there to stay healthy and hope to visit soon! Again to all of you, thank you so much.
God Bless,

Dan and Deanna

Emerald Pointe has been very nice and the staff is so friendly, kind, and patient. Therapy was very good. I didn't think the little things would have such an effect but I felt better. Now I am happy to return home.


I found everyone to be very nice, I think God for Emerald Pointe. We need you, I needed you!!!
My private room was nice with a nice view. The nurses took good care of my needs.


My dear friends,
There are no words to thank you each and every one of you here at Emerald Pointe. A beautiful facility. Prompt courteous nurses and aides, excellent therapists, and a wonderful Doctor, Dr. Patcha.


My nursing care was very good. I enjoy the food because they have very good cooks. My room was nice and spacious. The girls that took care of me were very nice. I was satisfied with my therapy because it worked and now I get to go home.
Thank you,


The food was delicious. I had a spacious room that was kept very clean by housekeeping. The activities department kept me busy during my free time. My stay at Emerald Pointe Health and Rehabilitation was excellent. I recommend and was so glad that I chose to go Emerald Pointe Health and Rehabilitation.

Darlene N.

I had a very good stay at Emerald Pointe. All therapists are good therapists. All of the meals are very good. All aides are extremely good. I couldn't have asked for a better stay. If my friends needed a nursing home stay, I would recommend them to come to Emerald Pointe.


When I broke my hip, I thought I was looking at months of recovery. I knew a stay in a nursing home was inevitable. I am so thankful that I ended up here. I so appreciated the green carnation and welcoming card. Within minutes caring staff introduced themselves.
Over the next 2 two weeks, I received the best care possible from ALL the staff. The staff are ALL patient and caring. PT and OT are phenomenal! They're patient and supportive every session.
Emerald Pointe gets my recommendation! Thank all of you for helping with my recovery.

Lana O.

I wish to convey my deepest heartfelt gratitude to the staff and other employees that made my stay at Emerald Pointe one of the most pleasant of my life.

I came in a hopeless soul and in 18 days, I am leaving with a bright promise for the rest of my life.

I haven't had so much fun in years!The food was exceptional- some of the best I have ever had! Thanks so much my friends at Emerald pointe! He then adds, *5stars*

Larry G. Stephen

Wes in Physical Therapy makes sure I can take care of myself. He encourages me to strive for things that he is sure that I can do and gives me confidence in myself. Wes jokes with me, tells me to stand up straight, and makes me feel comfortable, he knows what I am capable of. I now feel stronger and ready to go home.

I can tell that staff really cares for me and treats me well, they want only the best for me.

I won't go anywhere but Emerald Pointe!


My two weeks at Emerald Pointe were great! I got the therapy I needed to get back home and live my life. The Therapy Department was awesome! Plus all employees were so very nice, helpful, and just had a very positive attitude. Just made you feel like a family. I have made so many new friends. Thank you all for keeping me with a positive attitude during my recovery. I got excellent care. My room was great I had my own personal room, very special. The food was great! Just like home-cooked meals! Just like the old saying, "There's no place like home." Emerald Pointe is the closest place to home. Just a beautiful place! Thank you all so very much for everything! God bless you all!

Evelyn C.

I really don't know where to start. The first couple of weeks I was pretty much out of it and slept most of the time. I'm very grateful that the staff took such good care of me until I started my recovery. All the nurses and aids went out of their way to see to my care and comfort. I am now back to my old self and able to care for my own needs with the help of the therapy that helped get my strength back and work again. I am able to return to my home. I am so thankful for all of the great people here at Emerald Pointe and for being close to my home.

Patricia B.

I was brought to Emerald Pointe for rehabilitation for a shoulder and head injury. From the time I arrived, I felt like I was almost home. Food was delicious, medication was delivered when they were needed. Physical Therapy was given in a professional manner. So many smiling employees. Even during a snowstorm, nothing was delayed. Thank you, Emerald Pointe!

Mary K.

The girls are very helpful and assistive in helping people to get stronger. The therapy girls are extremely good at what they do and it helps the healing process. I am happy I will be returning home soon and thank Emerald Pointe for helping me get there!

Sandra J.

Therapy has been great. I am up and walking with my cane again. I love my cane and being able to get around again. I give a thumbs up. Thank you so much!

Charles M.

Emerald Pointe has been my home for nearly four years. The help has been very dependable. They are there whenever I need them. I really enjoy the activities. The nurses are very good. I feel safe and really have no complaints. I love my room and the people at Emerald Pointe.

Harriet C.

My mom has been at Emerald Pointe for almost four years. I could not have chosen a better home for her than the one she now has. The nurses are outstanding with my mom. She enjoys all the activities and goes for walks around the building. I know I don’t have to worry about her care here and that means a lot. She is safe and happy here.

Family of Harriet C.

Emerald Pointe has been my home for nearly four years. The help has been very dependable whenever I need it. I really enjoy the activities they have here and join in every time. The nurses are very good when it comes to my medicine and I really have no complaints. I feel safe and really have no complaints. I love my room and the people at Emerald Pointe.

Anna R.

To all the employees at Emerald Pointe, I want to thank you all for believing in me and encouraging me to get stronger and better so I can go home. Thank you all for the great care I received. Thank you to the therapy department for helping me get stronger. Natalie, thank you for helping get everything set up for me to go home, and to the aides, you never let me down. There are a few special ones I will hold close to my heart. You are real sweethearts, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Again thank you all. You are all wonderful people.

Mary C.